17 Aug 2023
FISCA (Football Individual Skills Challenge Australia), is a unique, fun, and exciting way to improve your football skills, and win amazing prizes. Just by showcasing your talents to the watching World however, you can help to push one of the competitions charitable objectives, including subsidising fees for individuals who require assistance.

Playing any sport is vital for the health and well-being of an individual and football in particular can provide many important tools to help a person develop, but keeping people engaged is often more difficult than you might think.

“We know that lots of girls play sport when they are younger and then often drop off in teenage years,” Kat Yuile from South Canberra FC explained.

“Certainly, for many South Canberra players this is a common story.

“But being active and playing sport is so good for both our physical and mental well-being and when done right community sport can be a safe space for young people to be themselves and express themselves at often really challenging times while growing up.”

These players can be turned away from the sport for any number of reasons, financial barriers being partly the cause.

“Some of the barriers are infrastructure, having access to decent training grounds, change rooms etc., but mostly it's time and money,” Yuile confirmed.

“Costs go up each year for everyone - not just clubs but for governing bodies and those maintaining sports grounds- and that is borne by everyone.

“But the biggest barrier for women in particular in my view seems to be time - we all have work/ families/partners/kids and don't have a lot of down time.

Giving up that precious time has to be worth it! The best thing clubs can do is make the time that people commit to the game as positive and meaningful as possible- that's when people come back and commit year upon year.

“At South Canberra we have seen players join us from all walks of life, usually through word of mouth. We make sure every team is afforded the same access to good equipment, kits designed for women and amazing coaches and managers.

“We take pride in providing an environment that is equally as welcoming for seasoned players and those who are brand new to the game. We also do our best to keep costs as low as possible, but for those who really need it we have been able to (thanks to grants from the ACT Government) offer free reistration to enable these players to take the field.”

FISCA can also help alleviate those financial barriers, allowing clubs to raise funds in a fun, and exciting manner, and putting that money back into their club to potentially reduce participation fees or, as is the case with South Canberra, offer free registration to keep people physically and mentally healthy.

Indeed, Yuile believes that playing football is a wonderful way to achieve those goals, both metaphorical and literal, and offer South Canberra FC as a place where you can have fun and stay active at the same time.

“The amazing group of women who make up South Canberra are what makes the club the best around!” Yuile commented.

“Honestly, I've never seen such an impressive, caring, smart, supportive, and fiercely competitive group of women and I feel immensely proud every time I watch our teams play.

“This is a place you can come and just be you and play the game you love with 100+ other women who feel the exact same way. Whether you have played before or not, if you are committed to being part of a safe inclusive culture and supporting those around you while playing the beautiful game, South Canberra is the place for you.”